10 Interesting facts about the bible…

There a lot of curious facts about the most popular world book, here are 10 of them…

1. Unicorns were mentioned in the Bible.

In fact it was mentioned in the holy book five times being described as an animal resembling a horse and having a horn on its forehead.

2. The Bible is the number one most shoplifted book of all time.

Wisdom of the Bible should be free for everyone!

3. The Bible says the phrase “Do not be afraid” or some variant of that 81 times.

When someone tells you not to be afraid again and again you may start thinking there is a huge terrible thing to be afraid of and you start panic!

4. When you divide the number of words in the Bible by the number of verses, it equals 666.

Don’t you believe? Dare to check!

5. Jesus never talks about homosexuality in the Bible.

But as we know, he condemed all forms of sexual immorality.

6. The Bible has been translated into Hawaiian Pidgin — It’s called “Da Jesus Book”.

The number of pages in the edition is 752, the date of publishment is 2000.

7. The Bible is the most printed, sold, distributed and printed book in the world.

According to the Bible Society in between 1815 and 1975 there were printed 2,5 billion copies of the Bible, but later estimation put it as 5 billion…

8. The time of the Bible writing was from 1500 BC to AD 100.

Approximately 40 men participated in the process of writing for the period over 1600 years.

9. The Holy Book never contradicts itself.

No contradictions were ever found in the Bible. Some people claimed to find them though, but they had to take verses out of context for that. It’s amazing that it never contradicts itself taking into account the fact it was written for 1600 years…

10. The Bible has been translated into more than 1,200 languages.

No other book could even come close.

About Marius

Imi place sa daruiesc si de aceea sa ofer si celorlalti, oportunitatile pe care le-am primit.
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